What is Spaced Out Spirits (SOS)?

SOS is an escape for those who wish to experience something new and get away from the usual. We're all about having fun while exploring new places.

What can I expect?

Endless fun. Exciting performances with an eclectic musical lineup. Delightfully sumptuous food. Camp fire soirées with tents and barbecues. And a completely enthralling experience each time you come..

Will I get options in food?

Keeping in mind the diverse crowd that's more than eager to join us, SOS will be keeping sufficient food and also a veg /non-veg segregation shall be followed.

Do I need to be of a certain age to attend?

For safety reasons, all visitors should be 18 years of age minimum.

What items can be recommended to carry along for the event?

  • Required Items to bring:
    • Your SOS passport
    • Cash/cards
    • Valid Photo I.D. proof
  • Recommended Items:
    • Binoculars
    • Sunglasses
    • Extra shoes
    • Blankets
    • Bug Spray
    • Empty, reusable plastic/aluminum water bottle (empty camelbacks allowed)
    • Personal cameras
    • Sunscreen lotion
    • Ponchos and rain boots
  • What NOT to bring:
    • No alcohol or flasks
    • No ice or ice packs
    • No coolers
    • No glass containers
    • No illegal substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
    • No illegal or unauthorized vending
    • No knives or weapons of any kind
    • No slingshots
    • No flammable lanterns or of any kind
    • No fireworks or any types of explosives
    • No bicycles inside the festival
    • No tents or canopies
    • No chairs or stools of any type
    • No wagons or carts of any type
    • No strollers
    • No outside cans or cups
    • No poles, sticks, pool noodles, or tripods/monopods
    • No lasers or pointers
    • No chains, chain wallets, or spike jewelry
    • No megaphones, horns, or noise makers
    • No soliciting
    • No metal aerosol containers including sunscreen, pepper spray, bug repellent, or spray paint (non- flammable are permitted)
    • No charcoal, propane, or gasoline
    • No grills or cooking devices

How fit do you need to be?

People are welcome to walk the course, so you only need to be fit enough at least walk a 2KM and do some obstacles.

Is it hard if you are overweight?

Some of our obstacles may be more difficult, but you are welcome to go around any obstacles that you would not feel comfortable doing. Everyone is welcome at our races, so if it looks like a good time to you then you should sign up!

Mud puddles deep?

This varies from course to course, but they usually aren't more than waist or chest deep.

How long will the race take?

The race will be of 30 minutes (including obstacles) to however long it would take you to complete that distance and that is a good estimate.

Do you need to do anything special to your shoes?

It is likely that your shoes will be ruined during the race, so we recommend wearing shoes that you don't mind being ruined. We have a shoe donation at most of our races so you can donate your shoes after the race to help out those in need.

What about getting mud in eyes?

Getting mud in your eyes is a possibility, so if you are worried about that you might want to wear goggles or some sort of eye protection.

Are there showers ?

Yes, there are free showers at the end of the race, but be warned, they aren't heated!

Can my 12 year old run with friends his age with an adult spectator only?

No, if they are 14 or younger there needs to be a parent or guardian with them on the course.

Do I have to register, or can I just show up and run without paying?

Sorry, you can't show up and run without paying. You must buy tickets online or at the venue in order to participate..

Is it safe for someone pregnant?

The best person to ask about this would be your doctor as they can help you determine what would and wouldn't be safe for you. Be aware that the course does involve some intense obstacles that may pose a great deal of risk for pregnant women..

How early should contestant arrive?

Please arrive 45 minutes to an hour before the session time (mentioned in your ticket) so that you can park and come have some fun with us at the start line before you race.

Do we need our ID's?

You will need an ID on race day if you plan to participate.

How many are allowed on a team?

You can have maximum 4 people on a team!.

How old do you need to be?

Participant must be atleast of 15yrs to participate in the race..

I'm concerned about injuries

It is a mud obstacle course so injuries are possible, that's why we have you sign a waiver. Also We have our Medical Team to take care of your injuries.

How long does the event last?

Mudathon will last till 3pm. Mud Party will start at 2pm and will last till 6pm. Acoustic Music session will start at 7pm and will last till 10pm.